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With my back turned, I could feel her presence instantly. It is remarkable, how little we know about what makes us feel the intangible. I am not a religious person, but I know that The Doctor and I are connected in a way that some might call spiritual. If she thinks of me – I can feel it. If she is sad – my heart aches, if she is happy – I rejoice. Although, I have not seen her face in 5 years, I think I have lived with her in my heart through this invisible connection of ours. I knew it was her right away, because my heart was moved, the heart that was quietly waiting all this time, spoke: “She is here.” I can never forget the moment when my eyes found her figure, slender, solemn, standing in front of me. The hat, the clothing, all were of another time, yet her face has not changed. Every step I took toward her I want to remember. Knowing that the wait is over is the last simple truth of our journey. I can smile now, because I can see her smile. I’m relieved. I can barely see behind the veil of tears, sure that she is crying herself. Those tears of happiness, I do not want them to ever dry. I can feel them on my cheeks. They are a testament to what we are. We have been found. Faith that I carried with me all these years is standing in front of me. She is my Faith. She is the ultimate meaning of my life. She is the reason I was born, suffered and almost died many times just to come back to her. She is my light, she casts all the shadows away. This mental picture of her is placed upon my heart. Once I touch her, we turn a new page, a new story will be written as we move together toward the future where nobody can pull us apart. Should I thank the Heaven? The mysterious power that opened up the door to her world? Whoever or whatever it is I’m a humbled and grateful. source: http://lb-klove.livejournal.com/7958.html PLEASE WE NEED THE EBOOK OF FAITH!!! SIGN IN http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/english-version-of-faith/
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i am new in using this vingle ..^_^ where can I read your other post ;)
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wow thanks
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I want to read too.thanks
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I loved this story very good, I like fiction with romance was not liking all had to do better the end, everything was excellent very good actors, but the end of a story is very important.
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