I keep having this dream that I win the competition to see Big Bang in NJ. I attend the concert like a normal person. Then, I got to the afterparty and get noticed by GD the god himself. He asked for my name and for me to stay after the party was over. We went back to his hotel and hung out to get to know each other. He then asked me to stay the night and come to the second day of the concert in NJ. We fell for each other. I wish this was to happen, at least being able to go. I would never be able to afford to go since I would need to use money to even get to New Jersey. It's the closest they come to my state. I'm slowly giving up hope in all honesty because it seems no matter how hard I am trying, I just keep getting pushed down the ranks.
Slow and steady right? I'm down there in the ranks, but I keep trying to go up a little everyday and honestly I'm having fun here on Vingle :) Wish you the best of luck and hope you get to see Big Bang
I am totally with you there...I keep trying so hard and I'm getting absolutely no where
@lamrotamrot thank you dear ^•^