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I went to Korea last summer and I seriously had a blast traveling everywhere. If I were to go back, I think I would go to Busan. What are your thoughts?
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@jiggzy19 @KatieWarren hahaha ditto!
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@ErinGregory I've been to Jeju Island unfortunately it was pouring so hard when I went so I definitely want to go again. I also want to go to Nami Island. I'm a History and Global Studies major so I definitely love learning about other cultures and their history. Hope you go to Korea soon too!
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I adore you already @robertakm64
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@youyizhi I know what you mean but I feel that I can learn something new every visit. Especially since I made friends who I wish to visit again :) ...and ohhhh girl those dramas be like 😲 *omg* hahaha 😂
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@ReddViolet I loved being there during Spring but summer was tough. The heat was intense but I would still go back haha
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