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@passthesuga @ErinGregory this is the hot cosplayer my friends met at AnimeNext. They knew I would like him and felt bad I wasn't there (I was Taco Bell with my other friends) so they took a picture of him for me. They said he was really nice and that I would have liked him since he also likes Kpop. So to see him pop up on Vingle Kpop community is hilarious because I was pissed I wasn't there to meet him too. (Credit to the owner of the pic of him dressed like Jimin)
@PassTheSuga I was so pissed like if I had known I wouldn't have gone. But I'm glad my friends loved me enough to take a picture of him lol. I'm so maaaaaadddd DX I COULD HAVE MET A SUPER SEXY HOT GUY
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@RochelleDiamond CURSE YOU, TACO BELL!! Lol Made you miss out on a super sexy hot guy who likes Kpop. How often does that happen?? The world is a cruel place Lol.
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Lol who is he and where can u find him lol
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Oooohhhh my ȏ.̮ȏ......I'd pick him over Taco Bell any day @RochelleDiamond
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