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Hello All!! Mina is my name and performing is my game. I'm a dancer, rapper, model, actress and NO, I am not a singer...I'm simply not good at it...BUT I do it when I have to...like the good ol' time I auditioned for season 1 of KPop star in New York, USA and at SM Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea..wanna hear about it? Lets go...stories of my journeys await!
So when Kpop star first seeked people internationally in 2011, we had to audition over YouTube (or any form of tape sent to them). I choreographed a piece to "Again and Again" by 2PM and posted it on YouTube. I sent them my link and voila that was the end of it. A week later I got an email requesting my presence at either the NY or LA face-to-face audition locations. NY was closer sooooo I went to NY. Now, I found out about KPop Star literally 1 week before we were supposed to be there. I had nothing ready so I choreographed at my hotel while I was there. When I got there the atmosphere was overwhelming. I was the only non-Asian there that day. I also did not know I had to sing...sooooo naturally I knew I'd fail...to top it off, my CD broke...I had it in the back pocket of my dance jeans and I sad down not realizing it was there.... surprisingly, they told me I did well but I needed to learn Korean..that is where I saw a red flag...upon auditioning we were told that our race, age, gender, nor Korean ability mattered...why did it suddenly matter...?
I then went to SM Entertainment to audition in 2013...it was amazing to be there. I was one of 500 people THAT day...JUST that day, and they held auditions there every Saturday. So you can just imagine the auditions...well I was in line behind a Korean girl and in front of a Chinese girl, both who are actually my friends now..well they took us by ten. The cut-off mark was right after my friend in front of me. So then I was the first one in my group of ten....well...first we had to sit in a small room and fill out an application...then when the group before us finished, we all lined up and repeated the process after them. Each of us had to sing one by one. I sang "Take Me Away" by U-Kiss. After that, we had to dance for 30 seconds. The problem there was, that I did not understand what they said. I was number 51 and they dis not say my number so I assumed I didnt make the cut. I left and met the Korean girl who stood in front of me after everything. She told me she waited for me and wanted to make sure I was okay. I told her I sang and to that she said "disnt you dance? you came here to dance...didnt you?" I told her I did but they didnt choose me. She went to explain that they did not call us out they only called out those who didnt dance to leave the room and that I was supposed to stay after and dance...sooooooo she took me to one of the people in charge. She explained to them that I came there to dance but didnt have the chance because I didnt understand them...and guess what happened then...they said it was a Koreans Only audition...I was devastated...
now....I know what you are thinking...I should have known better BUT, their website CLEARLY stated that you didnt have to know the language...to top it off I can read Korean pretty well, not fast but definitely accurately and my Korean tutor told me that I sounded fluent in the songs I practiced with him...I once prank called one of my best friends co-workers..she gave me a paragraph to say to her collegue and I did...once I was done she took the phone and laughed and explained to him that I'm a foreigner...he told her that he thought I was Korean..he was shocked... sooooooo...I dont get it...I could never get it.. why cant I have a chance..
on a happier note...I love Big Bang...I really really REALLY hope to win the tickets to go see them...I wish I could meet and greet them...they are my idols...please refer to my first post if you have not already...it explains my story and my heartfelt connection to them...nothing to do with what they look like or whatever..its all about them, who they are, and what they have done for me....I hope you all can take a moment to read, like, share, and/or clip my card(s) thank youuuuuu
thank you for sharing this with us! I think it's quite brave of you to audition in Korea! I hope you reach your dreams!! it's unfortunate that you missed on the audition because you aren't Korean.. you will make it one day! ❤
@MattK95 @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 @poojas Did you guys see this??! She got to audition for K-Pop Star :O
OMG. you are so brave!
@88Mina88 looking forward to it 。^‿^。
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