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The previous life you lived was once your identity, to seperate from it to find another identity of you is hard. When your mind has been troubled for so long, abused and mapulated, or depressed and distrubed, or even a lack of drive and passion, your words speak louder tham your actions. You only know yourself because people tell you who you are. They are like a mirror, helping you see yourself without the visual aid, thats when it happens. You become content with everything because you are so use to it by now and the idea of change is indeed a scary one. Your mind is in fear like seeing a horror film in a trapped room with no key, the fear of change gives you so comfort like your favorite person who loves you so much and spoils you. To be uncomfortable is the way to go, because not only then will your light begin to shine, the dim lights around you begin to cut off or bust. As that happens, those lights will be replaced by new one, the more efficient lights, the lights who will shine as bright as you. It's not going to be peaches and cream to find yourself, but behind each hard working action is a promise that's sure to come. Your past actions and words are not relavent to what you want to do, but your actions now are the breaking point of what your future may hold. So buckle up and be straped in for the ride, its going to be hard but worth it in the end. If I didnt think you could do it, I would've never written this for you.
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This is great. It reminds me of the letter challenges people have been posting today. You might be interested, too. Here's the link: