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What delicious Korean food have you been wanting to try?
So I have mentioned my visit to Korea. i had so much fun visiting different places, but the FOOD was even better! For those who have been there, what was your favorite food? For those who have not been to Korea, what food do you wish to eat the most?
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@ygvip21 sweet! :D but why not? :c
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@Aripendragon I dont feel that I would make it as yummy as Koreans haha and I never have time to spare between school, work, friends, and other things :( but one day...one day I will lol
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ahh I see!! @ygvip21 well when you do make it someday im sure it will come out delicious!! and if it doesnt then try try again! :) haha
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exactly! @Aripendragon thanks for the support!
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Yummmm! Looks delicious!! I like to try Korean recipes at home, but I doubt it's the same. I wish I had a Korean mother(jk mommy♡). My favorite is Korean Bbq, especially the samgyeopsal. I also like ddeokbokki. I would like to try the delivered fried chicken i see in all the dramas. Lol, maybe even chicken feet! Never tried it before but they make it look soo yummy! What was your favorite food from Korea?
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