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I was watching the Video on the interview BTS had which caused a lot of controversy due to RapMon's comment, and the Youtube user who uploaded the video was being blatantly disrespectful to everyone just because their views weren't the same as her own. This was my reply, which I believe she had taken down now, but at least I took a screen shot when I did. Was I Wrong in what I said?
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@BlackXShield and you totally did it good job ^-^/
Good Job~ you did right!👍
@Rhia thanks ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
What was Rap Mons' comment? If someone can tell me
@MichelleIbarra he was asked what his first thoughts were of the group when they all met one another. his answer was that two of the members were too "black" so that it was hard for him to see them at night. he said his response in english, however, it was explained that there are 3 different words for black in korean. one of the definitions being tan or non-pale, another meaning the color black, and the last one meaning a person of color. when he said black, he wasn't trying to be offensive, and was joking, but it was taken the wrong way. it is said that he meant tan when he said black