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If you didn't already know Super Junior is well known for having (originally) 13 members. But since the lawsuit Han-Geng filed against SME for unfair and overly restricticted conditions. It was around that time that SME hinted at adding members to the already successful SuJu. But fans disputed it and instead Henry Lau one of 9 (8, after Han-Geng's departure) members formed Super Junior-M. Henry; if you guys didn't know was actually born in Toronto, Canada. From an early age Lau could do things we could only wish we could do in our sleep. His mother taught him to play piano at age 5 and if that didn't make you gasp then him learning violin.....yes VIOLIN at age 6 really should. know that cool guy in Super Junior's 'Don't Don' was actually this guy?! Anyways~fast forwarding to 2006 after he auditioned for SM, he didn't have idol-ambitions but more prodigious ones involving a very lucky violin. (imagine hearing about a Chinese music prodigy who was not only super handsome but could pull off almost any dances you threw at him AND play instruments like they were they were the air he breathed)
Henry's father was objective to his son being accepted since it meant that his family would be separated. I don't blame his opinion....but give it 3 years and it'd be unquestionably reasonable why someone would deject the idea. In 2009 Han-Geng left after filing and winning a lawsuit against SME, in May of 2014 EXO's subgroup EXO-M leader Wu Yi-Fan (Kris) filed a similar lawsuit, and following him came fellow member of EXO-M; Luhan and most recently Huang-Zhi Tao.
So sad so many members have left EXO
@JessicaChaney funny thing is is mostly been EXO-M members....they're recent japan dome concert seems desperate tho. Since going into the Japanese market this late in the game implies they are desperate to stay alive.
@JessicaChaney I will too but I'll follow his solo promos. just occasionally keeping an eye out for the others
@natsuyo94 I totally understand also I just feel sad that they were treated so horribly by SM. I'll miss Tao though.
I'm happy for Tao though. I know many ppl are bashing him for it despite his health. but if he truly still wanted to pursue music without worsening his health or go against 'filial piety' this would be the way to go. honoring and respecting elders and parents is important in Asian culture, especially Chinese culture (since it almost defined it in all the textbooks).