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With the improved play of Russell Westbrook this season, and Derrick Rose still out with the ACL injury, who would you rather have on your team? Westbrook or Rose? Who's the better PG? Here are some stats... 2011-2012 Season: Rose: 21.8 Ppg, 7.9 Ast, 3.4 Reb Westbrook: 23.6 Ppg, 5.5 Ast, 4.6 Reb Statistically, the two are evenly matched. However, considering Rose missed 27 games due to injuries and Westbrook started for the entire season, I'd say Westbrook is more durable, and thus more reliable. However, I do believe Rose makes his teammates much better, and therefore elevates the level of the team's performance. Rose does not have superstars on his team, except for Boozer (washed up) and budding stars (Noah, Deng), who have hit their potential ceilings. On the other hand, Westbrook has Durant, who can single-handedly take over games, and take the pressure off Westbrook. Overall, I give my vote to Westbrook, just because he seems more durable in the long run. Love it, hate it, regardless of your opinion, share your thoughts!
I think Rose's case can be somewhat compared to players who had immense potential and even played great, but never saw their careers take off due to nagging injuries. Brandon Roy was a good player, but in the end, people will not remember him as a GREAT player because his playing time was limited due to injuries. In the extreme case, Greg Oden comes to mind, who had immense potential, but never saw it come to fruition due to his knees. The point is, I think health and durability does play a role in defining the success and quality of players.
As for Rose's MVP season, a lot of people do believe that the award actually should have gone to Lebron or KD (I would say Lebron), but Rose won because of the publicity that Chicago receives. (No disrespect to South Beach, but who wouldn't feel good about the MVP coming back to Jordan's kingdom?). Sure, Rose's numbers and impact on the game was fantastic, but Lebron and KD both had legitimate arguments as to why they should have won the hardware.
It's a difficult choice for sure, but if health is taken into account, then Rose takes a big hit on his stocks because, well, he's not healthy. His playing style just isn't suited to maintaining durability. Westbrook has a similar style of play, but the difference is he is playing all season.
I can't believe that people would discuss this. Yea rose has been out but come one he was MVP the last season he was healthy
Derrick Rose, hands down.