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I came across this article about knetizens wanting stop BI from debuting with Ikon and I was curious as to what you all thought of it.
Personally I believe that the people protesting his debut are going a bit overboard. I mean, saying that they're going to insult him as often as possible? I understand that what his father did is horribly wrong and that he should face whatever consequences are handed to him; however, what he did should not affect BI. Chances are BI might not have even known about what is father did since he's been busy with his training and I doubt that any parent would come up to their kid saying that he stole money and put people on the streets. BI is his own person and the only consequences he should have to face are the consequences of his OWN actions and words. Don't stop him from achieving his dream, he's so close and to take it away now would not be right either. Also, why are people bringing this up now what it happened months ago? Whatever. Kim Hanbin, ignore them. Just keep doing you and no one will be able to stop you from achieving your dream.
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i just have to say what does b.i. have anything to do with his fathers fraud how is it his fault his dad did that?
@saphirepanda that's the thing, it doesn't have anything to do with him. as far as I know the only thing linking him to the crime is that he is his father's son, which is why I got all mad yesterday and posted this. I understand why people are angry but why take it out on a kid who didn't personally have anything to do with it at all?
@JustinaNguyen so true 👏👏
WOW! This is outrageous. I understand that his father committed the crimes and that the families may not be happy seeing his son debut but you have seriously got to be kidding me. These netizens are definitely going overboard. It's honestly not like Hanbin stole the money himself. He's buying all that stuff because his family has the funds. No one can just assume that he knew what was going on with his father. I mean, there's a chance his mother was already aware, but let's think about this logically. What parent would really just go to their kids and tell them that they're stealing money from families and whatnot. I mean, for all we know, Hanbin's father could be a scapegoat for someone else who was making him steal the money or something What's said is said and what's done is done in the end though. It's unfair regardless to hold him accountable for what his father did. If it's only come out a few months ago about what's happened, there's a giant possibility that he had no idea what was going on until that news came out. I really cannot stand when netizens just assume stuff without considering different possibilities. Just blindly deciding to be vicious without proper evidence, especially without knowing the individual on a personal basis, is terrible. Unless someone knows their actual lifestyle at home and their circumstances and whatnot, no one has the right to push blame at all for any reason.