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No this just dosent happen ever. not when u go there and not take me. this a big NO NO girl/boy/relative/friend, u best be taking me with u. nope not even going to ask for ur permission!!!
I hate when I find out that one of my friends or a friends friend went to Korea 馃槬
Woah your so lucky ! I really wish I can visit Korea one day ,I'm trying to learn Korean actually ..hope one day I get to experience that ! @veselovskayavic
get to ride so many kul rides. ride a plane couple times to random spots. get lots of physical action done. get more tired of skul and learning but not as bad with those good looking guys there. and most of all I get involved in their life problems of diff shapes and sizes of drama haha love visiting it!!
@JennyRodriguez ya. thou I pretty much visit korea Alot. like practically almost every day. it's quiet interesting. and then same time I learn not only bout korea but diff ppl lifestyles.
@JennyRodriguez ya it's nice really nice. here I'll let u know the first place u should visit in korea. I'm sure lots of kpop ppl been there. U probably have to. Boys over Flowers. oh u can also visit historical korea lifestyle too. can try Faith. there are tons of places if anything let me know I'll send u some more places :)
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