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"[#오늘의방탄] Amazing Dallas A.R.M.Y !!! Happy to see you guys @ <The Red Bullet> Thank you! http://t.co/OlrwSE7UYe"
Does that mean the bow worked or...what? Lol. Sucks that I missed it, but I'm happy to see the boys looking to happy.
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@ReddViolet i don't know if they actually did the bow but there were no bad incidents~
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@ephneyt well that's good at least. Happy they didn't cancel the high touch and stuff just because of what happened in nyc. I had a couple of friends who went to dallas and would have been severely disappointed if they had cut short or cancelled anything.
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@ReddViolet yeah and they were basing fan engagements for the rest of the tour on Dallas so good thing they behaved! lol
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Yay! Lol.
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