Hi Hi guys ! Okay I know i made a challenge not too long ago but I was always wondering: When it comes to kpop ... who was your first love? Like what person or group that made you ultimately like kpop or was your first ever bias? Also who do you love the most now?
Well this beautiful man right here was my first love.
like look at how beautiful he is!!!
He is really talented and i ultimately fell in love with his mellow singing voice and smooth dancing. But also Bigbang was my first group love also.
I love them oh so much now as i did back 07'/08'
Now im in love with theses people : 1.jhope
zion.t and crush !! like i have a huge school girl crush on them
And Amber! she is my girl crush!
also yuggie from got7 is slowly coming to this list.
So tell me~ just wondering~~ @poojas @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @montha91
taechyon oppa nd Choi Minho then top big bang
Amber is love
TOP was my first bias and I got hooked on BigBang...still love him but Got7 has got me good these days, my bias is Mark.
first kpop group for me girls day, now bigbang gd
@thisismylife I know right
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