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I've been so busy getting ready for Otakon!
It's officially one week away, and so far only one of my cosplays is completely here and done! >< So so stressful! But it's totally worth it, especially when I'll be doing almost all group cosplays!
What groups you may ask? Well, that's still a secret! I'll share two of them within the next few days, but the final two will be complete secrets (from me at least!) until at con!
Do you have any guesses what they might be? ^^
Here's a photo of my FAVORITE group cosplay ever that I did last year at Otakon!
Sailor Princesses, based on art by Drachea Rannak!
Sailor Vanellope: Tiffany
Sailor Mulan: Milkpink
Sailor Cinderella: Angel
Sailor Snow White: Angelipon
Sailor Jasmine: Skyler
Sailor Belle: uberwren
Sailor Anastasia: Shelby
Sailor Alice: Alice
Sailor Anna: Jenni Bon
Sailor Olaf: Alex Pinku 「ピンク
@shannonl5 I did post this hint just now! I don't know if it will help, though.
Oooh I think I figured it out! I'll message my guess to you so everyone else can keep guessing!
Ooooh I feel like if I guess I'm never gonna figure it out. Not even any hints?