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Amazing L Photoshoot!
While scoring deviant art way too late at night I found this really awesome Death Note photoshoot. The photographer AnnaProvidence shared many photos from a few different characters that you can check out, but I thought the L ones were really the best!
L's character is a really interesting one, I think, and every photo shows off a connection to an understanding of the character by the cosplayer and the photographer which pretty much makes this awesome. I've said this before, but that's what makes my favorite cosplay photos my favorites!!!
Just so, so awesome. I"ve seen a lot of L cosplayers (it's pretty much the easiest thing to throw together...) but THIS is commitment to character and style!!!
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the first to just!!! I can't even find the right word! they are so simple, but they just enter your brain and blow it up!
@poojas for sure lol the photographer would have had to ask me to get out of the shot like 300 times at least @BPF1916 @merryjayne13 I think the first one is my favorite, too!!!