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“I heard Tao cried when MC’s were telling him he must have a hard time away from home hahaha crazy hahahaha he doesn’t even feel sorry nor have any feelings of guilt haha I think he may be crazy in the head???!! Wow come on Xiumin and Chen followed you guys because they liked you guys despite not speaking a single word in Chinese. But you’re saying you’re the only one went through hard times? hahaha I really feel bad for Chen and Xiumin.” http://www.koreaboo.com/photo/netizens-mock-taos-tears-on-chinese-television-program/ i just cant with these bitches like wtf.... Are you getting paid for this? Is your life really a piece of shit? UGH IM SO MAD!!!!
 Tao’s current Instagram comment section “Fuck he is disgusting. *vomits” “He is absolutely disgusting” Why did you cry when the MC’s said that? I cant understand, my head hurts” “You’re not EXO anymore so delete this photo” “Traitor please delete this as well” You’re going to greatly regret leaving only for your own benefit..” “We EXO-L’s believed you wouldn’t leave but you betrayed us. Now I only have bad things to say to you”  +314 / -5] Crazy bitch hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah you’re saying Xiumin and Chen didn’t cry on shows because they didn’t have a hard time in China without speaking a word in Chinese? hahahahahahahahaha you guiltless disgusting bitch;; [ +294 / -4] These pigeon bitches are doing more as time passes.. Starting from the EXO-M leader pigeon bitch and his situation, members, and all of the shock fans went through. Tao claimed he wouldn’t do the same thing after watching what fans and members had to go through. But he became a pigeon too. Fuck. This is betrayal level is getting higher as time passes [ +290 / -6] The thing that pisses me off is the international fans haha they don’t know anything but always hate on SM and make up imaginary stories of all the members who betrayed and left EXO.
Poor Tao:( I just hope all 12 of the members could always be together...performing together...and for the haters "shut up and get a life...how would you feel if people do that to you...Tao seriously never do anything wrong:(...if you don't like him doesn't mean you can say those things to him...:(
He was literally injured way too much because of the choreography. People CAN change their minds about things. Kris knew it'd be hard from the start and endured as much as he could. Same with Tao. Netizens are just getting out of control.