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Wait...People Cosplay Barbie?

And there's a TV show? Please, I have missed something serious.
I stumbled on this, and the cosplayer mentioned that she loves the show "Barbie's Life in the Dream House" and that everyone should watch it if they haven' I looked it up on Youtube. Boy. Wow. Boy-o-wow.
Here's all of season 1. I won't lie. I watched like, 30 minutes or more of this. I don't know. Don't question it. There's like more than 7 seasons at this point though so I don't know how I didn't know this.
I. Ok. Ok then. Honestly it's so ridiculous that I love it, I might be a fan for good now. I love that the characters hair STILL look like wig hair hahaha they could have at least made it realistic!!! I'm just sitting here and grinning like a fool. Ok then. Ok.
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@shannonl5 LOL!! Yeah I think that it seems like they're a lot better now but I'm kind of hte same way and assuming that mattel is crap and all that hahah. but yeah this was strangely enjoyable?? I may watch more....
@vulpix it's so tongue in cheek! I would never have expected this from Barbie. It kind of seems like they're changing a little though come to think of it? Like their ads have been pretty positive and focused on empowerment (there were a few in Times Square and I didn't take them very seriously but now I'm wondering if I let the way they used to be bias me against their message)
@shannonl5 i still can't believe it exists lol
@vulpix yeah I'm definitely going to be hooked on this it's so weird XD but like... they're kind of making fun of themselves I think. Like they know how bad they used to be and they're just having fun with it now. It's the kind of thing I think I would have loved as a kid
Oh my goodness @vulpix this is so surreal.... and addictive.... I might end up cosplaying this just to get it out of my system!
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My 90s Toys Are Better Than Yours ;)
1) Polly Pocket Polly Pocket was seriously one of the best toys I ever had. I remember when I was a little girl, I stole one and I was too little to realize what I was doing. But I went home with a Polly Pocket and I was the happiest girl ever. Although I had an impressive world of Barbie dolls and Barbie things, I think I appreciated Polly Pocket the most -- probably because I was able to take it everywhere I went. And my imagination with wild with these toys. POLLY!!! 2) Tamagotchi Yess! I vividly remember having these in elementary school. I remember the teachers had to make the ban on them, because the students (including me) were HIGHLY addicted to them. They pooped, they slept, and they grew! Since it was like taking care of a real pet, you had to pay attention to them. If you ever ignored them for a long period of time, you came back to a shit mess, or sometimes they die. :( Can we please bring these back? 3) Bop It This is also on the list of one of the most addicting games ever. I am not even sure why I was so addicted to Bop It, but it was such an intriguing game. It's basically a memory toy. I would play this game hours on end. I remember even fighting with my sister for my turn to play the game. BOP IT! TWIST IT! PULL IT! 4) Easy Bake Oven Who was the best baker in the world? I WAS. This was the only time baking came easy. I can still remember the taste of the slightly-fake-tasting brownie. Every Time I used the toy, I definitely had to have my mother around to use it. Ever heard of the burning accidents from this toy -- I can totally believe. That Easy Bake Oven got hot. Brownies, anyone? 5) FURBY Goodness, this shit was scary. But I still played with it. During the day time I was in love with Furby, during the night time, I kept one eye open -- thanks to the 80s movie, Gremlins. And since Furby was technically a furry robot, it will go through it's weird tech-y things and do things on it's own. I still kinda like you, Furby. Kinda. 6) Super Soaker One of the COOLEST toys I had as a kid. This was freakin' fun as heck! And living in MIami where there was warm weather all year long, this toy came in handy. Who's going to get soaked today?! What kind of toys did you grow up having? My childhood was at its prime during the 1990s (I am an 80s baby!) Can I just please be a kid again???