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And there's a TV show? Please, I have missed something serious.
I stumbled on this, and the cosplayer mentioned that she loves the show "Barbie's Life in the Dream House" and that everyone should watch it if they haven' I looked it up on Youtube. Boy. Wow. Boy-o-wow.
Here's all of season 1. I won't lie. I watched like, 30 minutes or more of this. I don't know. Don't question it. There's like more than 7 seasons at this point though so I don't know how I didn't know this.
I. Ok. Ok then. Honestly it's so ridiculous that I love it, I might be a fan for good now. I love that the characters hair STILL look like wig hair hahaha they could have at least made it realistic!!! I'm just sitting here and grinning like a fool. Ok then. Ok.
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@shannonl5 LOL!! Yeah I think that it seems like they're a lot better now but I'm kind of hte same way and assuming that mattel is crap and all that hahah. but yeah this was strangely enjoyable?? I may watch more....
@vulpix it's so tongue in cheek! I would never have expected this from Barbie. It kind of seems like they're changing a little though come to think of it? Like their ads have been pretty positive and focused on empowerment (there were a few in Times Square and I didn't take them very seriously but now I'm wondering if I let the way they used to be bias me against their message)
@shannonl5 i still can't believe it exists lol
@vulpix yeah I'm definitely going to be hooked on this it's so weird XD but like... they're kind of making fun of themselves I think. Like they know how bad they used to be and they're just having fun with it now. It's the kind of thing I think I would have loved as a kid
Oh my goodness @vulpix this is so surreal.... and addictive.... I might end up cosplaying this just to get it out of my system!