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A biker also should have the sense of fashion. Leather jacket, boots, and you are ready to ride your Harley. Item: Zara Leather Biker Jacket ( Zara Military Trousers ( 21Men Distressed Round Toe Boots (
really love with his leg <3
@nraishaka Fans of JoongKi? Do you have any other stars that you want me to describe their style? Thank you for the heart. :)
@MuhammadDavid yesss~~ hihih ^^ i like kim woo bin, kim young kwang, sung joon all of them have long leg and nice leg hihihi. i really envy.. moo~~ thankyouuuu hihii :) really appreciate it ^^
@nraishaka then tell your friend to see my fashion blog here and I probably will make a collection on your favorite stars. where do you live btw? :)