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Whose ready for UFC 190? I saw this the other day and got so excited. @ufcfighteredits comes up with some cool fighter art work. This one was epic. You have to know that Rousey has dominated the female division of the UFC, and can no doubt TKO a good portion of the male division too. Her fitness and training regiment is amazing. She's tough and can KO you in seconds. They don't call her ROWDY RONDA ROUSEY for no reason. If you haven't heard of her, you need to google her. She has graced many magazine covers and is even an actress and model now. I wont tell you the movie, its a given. Lol
Thats a deadly punch!
Love this, STRENGTH and BEAUTY.
@alywoah nothing wrong with that, cool beans😁
@alywoah she is awesome, do you watch UFC?
Here and there. I mostly love reading up on women in sports.@k8wnba20
This is awesome!!!