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A: 你叫乜名呀? (Neih giu mat meng a) = what is your name? B: 早晨,我係 Minho. (Jou sahn, ngoh haih Minho.) = Good morning, I am Minho. A: 你電話幾多號呀? (Neih dihn wa gei do houh a?) = what is your phone number? B: 我電話係2358 8264. (Ngoh dihn wa haih yih saam ngh baat baat yih luhk sei.) = My phone number is 2358 8264.
A: 你識唔識講廣東話呀 (Neih sik mh sik gong Gwong Dung wa a?) = Do you speak Cantonese?

B: 識講小小, 你呢? (Sik gong siu siu, neih ne?) = Just a little, how about you?

C: 我唔識講廣東話. (Ngoh mh sik gong Gwong Dung wa.) 流利 Lauh leih = fluent 麻麻地 Mah ma dei = so so 識小小 Sik siu siu = Just a little 識聽唔識講 Sik teng mh sik gong = Listening is fine but can’t speak

唔識 Mh sik = Don’t know

A: 你係邊度人呀? (Neih haih bin douh yahn a?) = what is your nationality B: 我係韓國人. (Ngoh haih Hohn Gwok yahn.) = I am Korean. (aam mh aam a?) = is it correct? 南 Naahm = south 北 baak = north
而家兩點半. (yih ga leung dim bun) = It’s 2:30 right now. 2:00 leung dim jing 2:20 leung dim sei 而家 Yih ga = Now 休息 Yau sik = take a rest 唔好意思 Mh hou yih si = excuse me
A: 你嚟咗科大幾耐呀 (Neih laih jo Fo Daaih gei noih a?) = How long have you been to HKUST? B: 我嚟左幾個禮拜啦 (Ngoh laih jo gei go laih baai la.) = I have been here for a few weeks. A: 慣唔慣呀? (Gwaan mh gwaan a?) = Are you used to this place? B: 唔慣. (Mh gwaan.) = No. Laih = come Jo = already Gei noih = how long (time) Gei = several Laih baai = week Laih baai yat = Monday Laih baai yaht= Sunday Sing keih = week Nihn = year Yuht = month Yaht = day Gei nihn = a few years Gei go yuht = a few months Gei go laih baai = a few weeks Gei yaht = a few days Mh goi saai = Thanks very much Mh sai hak hei = You’re welcome Mh goi neih duhk A a? = could you read out A? But = daahn haih / bat gwo And (also) = tuhng (maaih) Because = yau maih So / therefore = gam
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These are all really helpful basics! I wanna learn so I can surprise my fiancé