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On one of my Korean adventures, I went to the YG studio. Of course I didn't get to go in, but I did see Haru and her mother. I was waiting outside for a glimpse of Tablo, but he never came out *cry cry* Fortunately, I did see Haru and her mother walk out of the building. Let me tell you guys, they are so nice. All the fans were screaming for Haru in Korean and Chinese. I shouted to my sister "she is so adorable". Kang Hye-Jung turned to Haru and asked if she wanted to go ahead and wave. Haru started to wave and say hi like crazy, while we, the fans, started to sigh at her cuteness. Overall, it was a wonderful day getting to see Haru and her mother. Who would you guys want to see up close?
@kpopchicken im sure you will someday! :)
@ErinGregory she is!
you're so lucky!! I wish I could see them too ♡
Haru is so freaking adorable!!
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