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Which dance was harder: 1) Danger 2) Bulletproof 3) I Need u 4) Dope 5) Other Please comment down below which one you thought was harder
Either Dope or Danger. Dope doesn't look hard but they move really it's probably really hard
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I think Dope and I Need U are the two hardest that they've done. Between the two, I can't decide which one is harder. Lol. For me, personally, all of their dances are difficult. I think it's because they're so fast paced. The easiest would definitely be Just One Day.
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I personally think Dope and Danger were the hardest. Dope is fast and has a lot of technique. Danger is more hard hitting but also has difficult footwork.
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Definitely dope
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Dope & Danger~
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