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Ronda Rousey is currently a hot topic in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and sport industry. How did I come to know about her? I was on a lunch date with my boyfriend and UFC showed up on the T.V. My boyfriend was raving about her as we ate. She's a Olympic medalist in judo UFC and Strikeforce champ in MMA. As I was watching her on the ring, her hairstyle caught my attention. I can't get over it, so I research more about Ronda when I came home. I'm glad I did because she's got a pretty awesome hairstylist, Abraham Esparza.
According to her hairstylist she actually does her own for fights. This is one of her signature hairstyle and it's a smart way to ensure the bun is tightly secure.
It's hard to believe she's a fighter looking at this picture. This elegant hairstyle designed by her hairstylist, is a combination of two fishtail side braids and one french braid.
Ronda's faux half shaved hairstyle done with criss cross cornrow braids. I love the contrast!
Have you seen Furious 7? Then you must remember the epic scene where she fights against Michelle Rodriguez. This is a close up of the hairstyle she wore on that scene. It's pretty creative to add glitter to the hairline and use gold elastics to decorate the ponytail.
Ronda getting ready for Entourage movie premier. All I can say is beautiful hair, killer body and and gorgeous dress!
She's a lovely lady with great style but she can also kick butts. Respect!
@HairConfetti really, welcome to kpop and ufc! `\(^○^)/'
Rousey is a true symbol of STRENGTH and BEAUTY
@k8wnba20 I'm glad you asked. Well, hair is one of my biggest passion interest. I got it from my mom (she's a cosmetologist). Other things I enjoy are film and t.v shows especially action and mystery! Some of my favs are Mission Impossible, House, Castle, Terra Nova, Jurassic series. I also love instrumental music! Sorry, this was longer than expected!
@HairConfetti of you dont mind me asking, before all this was your only passion hair? what else do you enjoy, movies ect..?
@k8wnba20 Thanks!!! I'm learning so much from you guys!
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