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I was a freshman and didnt get into kpop until the beginning of my senior year introduced by a friend of mine. During my freshman year I had a friend who played piano and she played the melody of Haru Haru by Big Bang. She wouldnt tell me where it came from but that day was the day I had already liked Kpop i just didnt know it haha
The one who introduced me to kpop was in Junior year but i didnt get close to her until senior year when she introduced me to Kpop and the first ever i actually watched an MV and listened to lyrics was SHINee Ring Ding Dong. I liked their music and than i started getting into it more and more that by than i found out about Big Bang and found out on my own that Haru Haru was the song my piano friend was playing.
After really enjoying watching and listening to kpop i started listening to Super Junior. Bonamana and Sorry Sorry were very addicting to me haha. My playlist consisted of Super Junior, Big Bang , and SHINee. I had a few more but i dont remember well.
Then i met Block B when i was searching stuff on youtube. I loved Super Junior, Big Bang, and SHINee but i couldnt become an ELF, VIP, or a Shawol. As much as their music was amazing I just never became a fan. As for Block B though the very first song that i instantly became a BBC for was Nalina/Narina. I dont know why but i instantly fell in love with Block B. Maybe it was the power they had in the MV i dont know exactly but after that i just wanted to listen more songs from them which the second song i listened to was Nillili Mambo. This was how i met kpop and became a BBC story. hope you enjoyed it haha :) CHALLENGE: whats your story?
@ErinGregory Nice~ I updated my card haha if you'd like to take the challenge and tell your story go for it! Tag me on it so I can read it if you ever plan to do it :)
@ErinGregory haha go for it! I like hearing how others got into kpop x)
@BlockBVillains, I posted something similar ages ago hahaha but it wasn't as detailed? I'll do it again once I move to my laptop :-)
Exo was my first, then Super Junior, then SHINee and TVXQ. ♥♥