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Going full local in Italy, it means seeking for best burgers in city late at night. Like me and my father did in Bari. We walked for more than an hour, went totally out of touristic part of the city. It was actually kind of scary, but people were very nice. That is why I think Southern Italy is totally underrated. I like trying local beers, but Italy does not have best beers at all. Don't want to be mean or anything, but beer just isn't their thing. Who cares, they have other drinks that are well known, and you know... the FOOD :) Here is another picture of Aperol Spritz, cuz I really want everyone to try the drink. You won't be sorry. We all know Itally and their obsession with coffee. It's like 3 ristrettos per day isn't enough. When in Italy, you have to try their coffee-cream-ice cream thing that is to die for. It's basicly coffee here, coffee there...