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I can't express how important this competition is to me. I could rant about it all day long and never run out of words. It's crazy how hard this competition is. I started out so confident that I'd make it to the top twenty. I have yet to get even close. I' m at my highest rank and running out of ideas. I would like to thank @onewschicken and @passthesuga for listening to me whine about this because it means a lot. I'm going to keep trying because I hate giving up. Fighting~
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Can anyone explain it to me? I dont understand
I know how you feel @KatieWarren I have never used vingle so much in my life! all you can do is try your best for big bangs sake. 화이팅
thanks @tayyylorx
Thats how i am im just like im more than likely not going to but i always have that what if feeling so im doing what youre doing so just hang in there !