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I can't express how important this competition is to me. I could rant about it all day long and never run out of words. It's crazy how hard this competition is. I started out so confident that I'd make it to the top twenty. I have yet to get even close. I' m at my highest rank and running out of ideas. I would like to thank @onewschicken and @passthesuga for listening to me whine about this because it means a lot. I'm going to keep trying because I hate giving up. Fighting~
I actually joined vingle because of this competition. I thought one literally just had to download this app. after further research, turned out I had to get points too. haha. joke's on me. I have nothing to post here in this kpop section. it's not even the ideas. it's the fact that I really have nothing new to add and nothing within my power to post. but I don't think I'm going to uninstall vingle because I know that I'm not going to win this competition though. I actually like this app now, so I guess I'll kept it despite this competition being what got me here. good luck the rest of y'all who actually have hope!
Fighting (•̀ᴗ•́)و
@melifluosmelodi @ReddViolet Vingle is like instagram! (:
I know how you feel it's very unlikely especially with me being one of the few who just started Vingle. But like I said before as long as I can see them in the future I will be happy. Even if that doesn't happen I still have the Internet to watch and support them. Keep fighting!
That's the spirit :D No matter how hard it gets dont give up!! I believe you can do it :D
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