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*The above images have been taken from @ choi_seung_hyun_tttop These images do not belong to me, and am only using them for admiring purposes. How sexy does TOP look? He is the best looking Korean star I have seen. And his voice....oh my....it is heaven. The way he raps is just . What bias do you guys have? Or who do you think is the sexiest/cutest Korean idol? Unfortunately I have not seen him in person, so I can't wait to see him in concert.
Hahaha I feel you @Marilovexoxo I have so many loves too but TOP is definitely on top lol
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@netchtiBates yaaaassss! TOP and Daesung are my all-time favorite ♡
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@JazzyPie sometimes I just can't look at his IG because he's too cute haha
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indeed very sexy...sexiness overload! @montha91
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TOP is my bias too
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