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ahh the posters for his movie 'blind' are out!!! so excited for this movie~~~
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When does it come out? Is he doing acting now? :)
@ReddViolet the smirk haha
@xoxoaudra98 i think either end of this year or early next year! yeah, he's been acting lately. he has another movie 'the great wall' coming out next year (it's actually a Hollywood movie), and last year he had the movie 'back to 20s' (super funny movie) and he made a cameo in '12 golden ducks' for like 2 minutes haha
I am REEEEALLY looking forward to The Great Wall. I saw an interview with Luhan and Matt Damon in it and they were talking about it. And I was honestly very surprised at the admiration and respect that Matt had for Luhan. It was quite touching.
@ReddViolet same here~ haha