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The One who reported you- Your Cell mate- Your Security Guard- The Person who bails you out- Your Lawyer- Your Judge- Your Disappointed Parent-

Who would you pic? For me it would be: The one who reported me/Jhope, Cell mate/Suga, Security Gaurd/Rapmon, Person who bails me out/V, Lawyer/Jung Kookie, Judge/Jimin, and Disappointed Parent/Jin lol. Give it a shot!
Your order is perfect, except I would switch Rapmon and Suga. I'd prefer to have Namjoon as a cell mate, but we all know we don't get to choose everything.
Lol for me The who reported me: Jimin My cell mate: V My security guard : Jungkookie The one who bails me out: Jhope My lawyer: Namjoon My judge: Suga Disappointed parent: Jin lmbo 馃槀馃槀馃樅馃樅
I Love This!!
@xoxoaudra98 thanks so much 馃榿馃榿馃榿
I am sorry but I can do this.... one spot would be empty since I would make suga the disappointed dad and Jin the dissappointed mom