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BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS WARNING!!! This is gonna be very long so if you dont like long reading or dont feel up to it dont even think about opening this :) but if you dont mind it and you feel like takjng the chance and trying to get through this feel free to do so and also leaveme comments and opinions and such because im not saying im right this is just my opinion :) When i saw BIGBANG released new songs I was really happy because they belong to the list of my favorites for many reasons maybe even too many :D so I am not pretending to be unbiased and I wont even try to be because it would be waste of time and energy and noone would probably believe me.. so I wont start by saying that its good song and singing ode to it and BIGBANG instead i will try to sort of tell you what i think about it, i will try to analyse it so to speak and find some symbols and hidden meanings in the MV and lyrics ..should be easy since I am studying literature and 90% of my time i spend over books and essays doing actually the same :) But before i get to the point i should probably warn you it will be damn long since i spemd like hour or maybe evn two playing the mv and studying every little detail and finding about different stuff so i sacrificed my beauty sleep to do this and poured my head over different stuff till 3am and made several pages of notes ..i sincerely hope i will be able to read them since my handwriting turned more into unreadable scribbling :D anyways lets get started and admit I AM A LOSER !
we see GD as he steps out of car acting all cool with sunglasses somehow i feel like he is aing as celebrity in the mv. wearing sunglasses may be just to hide part of his face that tends to be very important when you read emotions of someone else - eyes. you can probably keep straight face and act cool but at some point your eyes may betray you and show your true feelings ...
but as soon as he steps into elevator he takes of the glasses almost like taking of a mask and closes his eyes insort of tired and sad manner and then throws his head back gesture i would do when im sad and ready to cry or when im really desperate frustrated or tired of everything and you can see one of his tattoes in the mv that says " TRUTH + DARE" as if to makes us question what is real and what fake? what is the true face and what is pretending? whatbis truth amd what is lie? also at this time the lyrics say " A COWARD WHO PRETENDS TO BE STRONG"
then comes the time when we get the first glimps a of all the others and we know it going to be abput five men who seem different - GD as sort of celebritx, TOP who seems to be depicting someone maybe rich, Deasung who acts as i would say young bullied boy, Seungri the bad boy with girlfriend and Taeyang the lonely guy with only dog and faith as company ..five seemingly different men who share the same feeling of not just being different but being loners and loser not belonging anywhere being alienated from others
"Honestly I have never fitted in the world " We see GD breaking things in flat using bat and we can only guess that it may be out of despair, anger, saddness loneliness or frustration or combination of all. In the lyrics he says he never fitted in - like saiyng he felt always not just different but weird and lonely. If he really depicts a celebrity you may ask why would he felt like that because according to us common people he could have anything but being talented already sets you apart from others - they love your talent and admire it or hate it and envy you. Being celebrity means you are sort of put on pedestal and in spotlight all the time no matter what you do, where you go and what you say so in a way even if you are surrounded by people you may feel lonely ..and its only human to feel like that everyone feels like that once in a while ... "to !e who was alone, love was already forgotten. i have had enough of hopeful love songs" he is on street all alone in the middle of huge city and in night and someho the city seems hige when he to me seems small and almost lost. somehow it emphasizes the feelong of loneliness even when you are surrounded by many people
the wee see him next to signs that say " DO NOT ENTER " "WRONG WAY" as if to say that now he feels like the place or situation he is in is wrong that he should not enter and like it is too dangerous to go down this path like it was all wrong.
"You or me are just sad pierrots who play around inside a scenario just as it is drawn on the path. I came far away. I am coming home. I want to go back to where I used to be in childhood" twice in this part there is view of the side of GD face where there is small tattoo, a tiny detail - rope, knotted loop or rope. Ropes deal with restrictions, confinement and biding, feeling of being tied up into the state of non action and desire to somehow get out but as it is often with knots the more you try to losen them and get out the toghter they become. so here is the feeling of not being able to get out, not being able to do anything. The rope also connects to the "you or me are just sad pierrots who play around inside a scenario just as it is drawn on the path" because strings are used to manipulate puppets but the puppet itself doesnt have any power over itself and what it does and its actions are decided in advance so its also tied and bound lije the person in the mv probably feels like he is being tied in place and cant change anything, cant even do anything because everything is already decided - fate. then saying "I came far, I am coming home. I want to gp back to where i used to be in childhood" could express the wish to get out and leave the place or wolrd alltogether.
At this point we see Taeyang on the roof lyimg and looking at the sky. " at some point i started to look at the ground more than the sky" The sky often symbolizes the home of God or heaven, it is also seen as symbol of vastness and limitlessness and also heaven is place where you go when you die, place where you are supposed to be accepted, happy and feel loved and content. Even when he stops looking at sky and gets up he is still on roof a place that is very close to sky (i thought of the babel tower) as if he wants to be close to God a d heaven or close to place where he would feel free. And you can see the place is surrounded by trash and broken stuff which relates to the lyrics "Dirty rubbish" emphasizing the feeling of being lonely and thrown away like rubbish with noone to care.
then there is scene that caught my attention Taeyang is tattooing a symbol on his hand - i was digging everywhere and found out it is viking symbol for love which could in this mv symbolize thirst for love, longing for someone to love him, on his other hand there is the yellow band on which is part of word "eath" and the lyrics a bit later say "it is even hard to BREATh" so maybe BREATH is the word on the band.
then he is holding a cross obviously christian symbol. symbol of crucification a painful way of death used as punishment in history, in christianity it symbolizes God's love (which i somehow connect with the symbol of love he tattoed on his hand - a wish for love of someone and if not a person then a wish to have at least love of God) it also symbolizes GOd's justice. Like God is the only hope for him to be loved and get justice. on the cross there is also written "SIN WILL FIND YOU" which is quote from Bible the book of if to remind him that whatever sin he commited it will one day haunt him, that sin is what makes him miserable and what maybe makes him feel like a loser and maybe he is seeking forgivness and help. "I reach out my hand but noone grabs it " he wants someone to help him, pull him put of the misery but noone helps and noone cares ao his only hope really may be God. then we see them all one by one and the lyrics goes on "I ama loser, loner. A coward who pretends to be strong. Dirty rubbish. In a mirror I am a .." then we see GD looking athimself in mirror and then he is in a bathtub
Bathtub sometimes symbolizes your desire to get away from daily routine and shake off all the troubles, clean yourself. somehow to me it is connected to the song to those people wanting to get away from everything
" repeated mistakes with women loved for one night but gets tired of it when sun rises" now its TOP's time fo shine. All the while he is with girl in almost nonexistent clothes holding her or making out with her (sort of ) but someone the girl shows more iniciative than he does, from him there is minimum of iniciative and direct skin contact. As co tratst to her being very underdressed you might say he is fully dressed from head to toes showing nothing much pf his skin amd evem going as far as to wear GLOVES. Gloves symbolize purification of life and so when he speaks about having many women but not loving them he might just want to feel desperate to end it to stay pure also no normal person wears gloves unless it is winter as gloves prevent any skin contanct so maybe it is also someone who is somehow afraid of direct skin contact, afraid of not being sterile and clean. Also everything in that place is white - all thr walls, floor, ceiling, bed and furniture and statues are covered in white foil and even his gloves and all her clothes are white. WHITE is color that means innocence, wholeness, completion, purity, protection, faith, cleanliness, safety, heaven, beginnings, sterility and also proteczion - many meanings for one color. i would say here it is connected with desire to stay as clean as possible, to purify himself and everything, to stay sterile and safe, protectes from everything, like he wants to create his own clean, pure, protected heaven a place where he wont be loser and dirty a place where he can be clean of all his affairs.
he also speaks of "selfish pleasure" like it is someforce making him do things or as if he is selfishand wants to please himself but the regrets it and wants to be clean again. Another thkng that makes me thing like he has problems with skin contact is the fact that even if they make out when she tries to unbutton his colar he pushes her away and the way he touches her is as if she is somehow dirty as if her hand is infected. He completely rejects any contact with her. When she tries to uncover the statue he again pushes her away and holds her tightly by neck. "I am on the edge of precipice. I am going home" as if to say he is close to breaking, falling close to running away from everything, close to giving up and going home or maybe even die..
then there is time for Daesung he is in room infront of mirror crying and right then we see him gettimg beaten by some guys alsmot looks like he is being bullied by them, after that is the scene which to me seems like he wants to learn how to return the favor in fight. During the fight they take his scarf and its destroyed and dirtied. We shortly see - seems like its memory - how he got the scarf from girl. Scarf as gift especially from girlfriend or boyfriend means they care abput you, that they feel affection and in the moment when he gets the scarf Daesung smiles. It is not just the only moment he smiles but the only moment we see smile and warm light in the mv, so he must have been really happy at that moment. and scarf might have probably been the most precious thing he had and now it was destroyed in the figth.
The comes our blondie Seungri. at first he was on street and saw a couple and maybe he thought of his girlfriend or maybe it was his girl with some other guy. He calls her but she hangs up and maybe he really realises that it was her with some other guy and he takes his frustration and anger on car. when we see him now he is on phone and arguing and then he destroys the flat. we can only assume he was arguing with his girlfriend. I would say he is sort of the bad guy almost like ganster here or at least the really controling type because he called her right after he saw that couple as if to check if it was or wasnt her.
Then we see Taeyang again. "I blame the blue sky. I sometimes want to put everything down" Taeyang is on the roof looking at the sky and right then standing on the edge of the roof with hands spread sort of looking like cross and the way the camera is looking ul at him it seems like he is already falling or wants to fly. Saying he blames the sky may mean he blames the God for his fate. When i saw him there standing like that it reminded me of not just cross but bird in flight, desire to get away and be free which is emphasized by the lyrocs " I wanna say goodbey " Then we see TOP on the street in dirty (looks like bloody) clothes - reminds me of the lyrics saying "Dirty trash" and then it switches to GD and back to Taeyang and then we see Daesung who is again fighting or rather this time he started the fight and maybe taking revenge for his destroyed scarf.
"after the wandering of this path finishes, please i hope to close my eyes without regrets" we see Taeyang lying on ground on the picture of cross that looks like the one he was holding previously. Almost like he gave up and just wants to disappear or die without regrets of what he did. Similar to Taeyang GD also lies on the ground in the middle of crossroads that often symbolize the place between worlds like he is somewhere between being alive and dying and as if to emphasize this Taeyang lets the cross fall down and break as if saying his faith and hopes are broken and then Taeyang himself falls down from the roof with his hands spread
after this we go back to Daesung who is still fighting and being dragged away.. he is all beaten and like that cross broken and like Taeyang falling and this attempt to get revenge is something like last resort but maybe also him giving up and not caring anymore... and behind him is sign saying "STOP" .. a little detail ...
after that we see Seungri fighting and arguing with girl and when she leaves him he seems devasted and in connection to all the other events it seem like with her hope andblove are leaveing him all alone... and TOP falls on knees on dirty ground in dirty clothes and GD is still on the ground in the middle of crossroads and Taeyang is still lying on the ground too
after being left alone we see them all leaving the city and walking on the bridge which is seen as trasition like crossing over or maybe in this sense the city could be the human world and they are leaving it ..because bridge is also place where people go to die so the transition and change maybe change of life to death or just leaving everything behind and finally chamging everything... All i did was saying how I see it, my interpretation nothing more and in no way I think it is the right one or the correct one and you can even say that I am reading too much into it and maybe you are right but I just caught all these small details and with those deep sad lyrics tjey form really strong impression for me. And of course the MV objectifies women but that is what all fashion mags, movies, other singers and painters do all the time, actually that is what people do ever since we started to think and form words and ever since we "invented " art. If we want to judge someone we should judge ourself, the society because we are those who dont do anything about it, we are those who set standards to what is and isnt beautiful. But even so I think that objectifying something sometimes isnt all that bad because it proves how much we are fascinated by the oposite sex and by the feelings we may feel for someone, by ability to love, hate. And we shouldnt be too prudish about seeing girl in bikini or seeing mv that is a bit sexual because it is part of us and life ... And I really dont think this is soo bad :) I actually wish my teachers would allow analysation of songs and mv's instead of long and boring books ..this seems much interesting and contemporary and I have to admit there is also something to look at ;) If you enjoyed it good if not and you found it too long dont complain I warned you XD and yes i know it got REALLY long but that is just me if i start i have to finish no cutting it short :) Also please tell me in comments what you think not about this, especially about the song and mv cause im really interested in hearing different opinions and your own observations :) For @poojas @NoelleKimberly and many other who like BIGBANG or just music all together amd especially those who like reading really long stuff :D