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in my opinion is half and half... I would do anything to go see life big bang, BTS, snsd, 2pm, sistat, super junior and 2ne21. what about u my kpop friends:)
I know exactly what u mean @tkappa90 :( if only they would read this and have some consideration for ppl who loves them and would love to see them but arent rich ppl. :( I seriously know almost every single choreography of the dances of mt favorite groups
this statement is 110 % true. I wanted to go to their concert in LA..BUT sadly cant afford tickets..I'm so broke..i really wish I could go to see them.. I'm to the point to where I'm just willing to go to LA and stand outside the venue, in hopes of seeing #seriouslytho
exactly 😒😒
I felt the same way when I couldn't go to Bts concert in New York 😭😭😭
Same. I cried because I couldn't go to TRB in Dallas but felt slightly better after my parents let me order EXODUS lol
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