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Our parents should be proud of us but no they are atill unhappy, that all we do is sit in our rooms and do non like other kids do. like for real. would they rather have us do wat they do or sit and just watch our kpop???
omg yes I told my mom this the other day.... "ok....would u rather have me here valuing my life so I can watch these beautiful people do their job of entertaining me, or should I be out wasting myself and your money?"
EXACTLY! Like my mom has been telling me to get out of the room and run outside or something and I'm like, "I'd rather run a marathon of K-Dramas or K-Pop videos."
my mom prefers that I stick to my studies. but yes my mom is proud that I haven't done or tried any of those things. but if any of you changed then good for you! congrats and I'm glad y'all are part of our kpop family
@GoldenV haha and wat did she say??
Hi. This is her eldest daughter... My mother would much rather me be addicted to k pop. Since i used to smoke and drink. K pop is a major step up!!! 馃槃
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