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Our parents should be proud of us but no they are atill unhappy, that all we do is sit in our rooms and do non like other kids do. like for real. would they rather have us do wat they do or sit and just watch our kpop???
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@shantalcamara I sorta did that to my sis. she thinks they are cute and that's where I stopped. I decided I'm selfish and don't want to share. I let 2 of my sis watch 1 drama with me and my youngest one only likes to watch them my other a bit older sis is where I stopped my thing in letting her in cuz heck to the no am I sharing with her 馃槉 lol
@veselovskayavic 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I know it do makes you jealous at first its like yay now no judging but now its what if she pass me on fandom. scary
my mother hates that im in my room watching kpop all day, shed rather have me out. im just like really what if I get like pregnant or addicted to something, shes like go out and im like but but kpop is life, it keeps me oit of trouble and I love to stare at all of the fans future husbands.
@shantalcamara ya I thought of that and was like nope not going there