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When I watch Running Man, I seriously can't stop smiling the while time! Its so entertaining! I love all the different K-pop idols and other famous people come on the show too! Does anyone have a favorite Running Man episode? ^^
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My favorite is episode 74, the superpowers one. It really showed off what the producers are capable of.
The shit that happens in running man is just gold
I love Running Man and 2 PM is going to be on the episode that gets put up tomorrow. I have been waiting weeks for this episode!!!
I decided to start watching it from the very beginning, im now at episode 6 and iv'e nearly died laughing at every episode 馃槀 so far the "peaceful gary" bit is my favourite 馃槀
@kimkiodragon haha ive also been watching it from the beginning! its really awesome how the show develops and mind of changes ^^