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- Episode 4 will feature Zhang Yixing (EXO Lay), Oh Sehun (EXO), Song Xian (f(x) Victoria), other K-Stars, as well as a bonus 'secret guest' - Episode 11 will feature TF Boys, Luhan (former EXO member), Wu Yifan (former EXO member Kris), other Chinese stars, as well as a bonus 'secret guest' FILMING AND AIRING DATE TBA this schedule is still tentative, and may be changed around due to scheduling
@HairConfetti and some episodes are even subbed on you tube :-)
@HairConfetti i don't think it's on netflix, but they have it on 'dramafever.com' with subs for free!
@HairConfetti running man is a Korean variety show that also branched out to china! it's really funny~ basically, for the korean version, there are 7 main cast members and each week they have different celebrities go on the show, and they split into teams to compete and the winner usually gets gold! i can recommend some episodes if you want to check it out haha~
@HairConfetti awesome! for newer episodes i would recommend you to watch the big bang episode!! they like go 'back in time' and it's really funny haha let me know what you think! :-)
@ephneyt awesome! I'll watch an episode and see how I like it. There are a bunch of other movies on there so it'll keeps occupied for a while. :)
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