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I love this photo it's cute lol~
Anyways I got bored so I wanted to do this, you can choose whoever you want ^^

If BTS were your friends or family:

Who would be your Brother:

Who would be your Cousin:

Who would be your Bestfriend ( Pick 4):

Who would be your Boyfriend:

Comment below!!!
This is mine:
Brother: Jungkook ( Older brother of course ^^)
Cousin: Suga ( The coolest and most laid back cousin ever lol)
My Best friends: J-hope, Namjoon, Jin, and Jimin ^-^
Boyfriend: Taehyung <3
I'll do a Big Bang one soon \^0^/
Comment Yours <3
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Brother: Suga Cousin: JHope Bffs: V, Jungkookie, Jiminnie, and RapMon Boyfriend: My Princess Jin~! <3