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i havent really gotten to listen to much of yong hwa oppa's solo album but recommending heartstrings to @ErinGregory and it made me think of him. so i decided to give it a listen. i dont know about the rest of you but i think hes changed quite a bit over the 5 year between when heartstrings was made and his solo album. visually and sound wise.. what do you think?
heartstrings 2011
CNBlue 2011
Of course! I agree. And I would recommend you to listen to his album, I ordered it without listening to the album before hand and trust me. It's worth it.
thanks for the advice @kpopGaby I will definitely listen to it all
@heidichiesa You don't have to listen to it. In my opinion, I liked it but tell me if you did ^_^
I will definitely let you know@kpopGaby