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I was so excited for the LA K-pop concert and I can't wait for the BB concert! The K-pop concert made me go crazy over my favorite bands. I was able to see CNBlue β™‘ and let me tell you i fell in love. Now that BB is coming, I might die hahaha. Who else is going to the concert? What do you guys want them to sing? What do yoh expect? ahhhh...im so excited! Someone please share your excitement too! Or share your excitement about any other concert you have attended that made get your Cray-On hahaha
@chelynelli94 im super excited for BB too! πŸ˜„
I was going to get see CNBLUE... but they were come an January and I refused to get stuck in the snow (or wait in line for them in the cold)I would've gone the nyc show. But super exited to go see big bang! and BTS on the highlight tour! 😎