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That one time I went to Everland and saw Bigbang 2ne1 and Psy at the hologram concert. It was epic! I know it was just a hologram concert but omg the feels...it was amazing! My sister even said it was a good hologram concert and would not mind seeing them live!!! and she ain't even a kpop fan hahaha ♡♡♡♡ Honestly it was ...wow...fantastic baby ;) All the members of BB and 2ne1 made it feel amazing along with Psy. I know it wasn't actually them, but omg TOP looked so fine...ayyy ;) I have not seen 2ne1 nor Psy live but I will hopefully be seeing BB in October! My loves wait for me hahaha. I can't believe that KPop has expanded so much that amusement parks are now playing holographic concerts...if only that were true in America too. Seriously traveling brought so many opporyunities that i never thought possible. Guys, travel as much as you can! What band/idol do you guys want to see in a hologram concert?
BTS had one in Australia? Concert or hologram?...im confused
I wouldn't mind seeing a hologram of BTS last concert in Australia, so annoyed I missed it T-T