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So im sitting there in 2nd shift of lunch in the class room nothing going on just sitting there i here my phone go ding so with out looking at it i unlock my phone and tap on the notification. About that time i put my headphones in and music starts playing. I sit there and when the first person starts singing i dont recognize who it is so i still dont look and the next voice sounds familiar but i still dont look thinking that im just being stupid. And then......i hear it THAT VOICE that i would be able to pick out of every kpop star i know. I hear TOP! i look down at my phone and see Bae Bae- Big Bang MV. I FLIP OUT AND YELL YES. I stard doing a happy dance with happy tears running down my face. I then stop look around the room and EVERY ONE is staring at me. So i sit back down and say " when you have waited for a come back from a group you love as long as i have then you can judge me thank you goodbye." and put both head phones in. Anything like this ever happen to you? If so please tell me!