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I just really want to thank you all, and Vingle, for allowing me to go fangirl on you guys. I have Facebook and Twitter, however I get very conscious of how much Kpop and Kdrama things I post or like. I do have a couple of friends who like Kdramas and kpop, however most of them don't. Out of cinsideration for them, I monitor myself when I post korean related things. When I got myself a Vingle account I felt right at home. Thank you all! Lets continue being fangirls/fanboys together. ♡♡♡
Keep posting funny things.
Or cute things, so I can react like G-Babe. lol
I also don't mind the posts that make me frown, because even if I frown I shall keep on reading.
Love you lots.
I do not own this gifs.
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