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True or False^^ This captures the beauty of JB and well it also describes the daily life of Got7, I mean look at Jackson and BamBam in the back ~Admin C Creds to original owner
I really wish I could be there
Canon ball!!! *runs and jumps ends up landing on her bias* "opps hehe. sry *acting sry-ish* are u hurt?? my name is ---- wat is urs??" bias: "I'm okay. oh thanx. *takes her hand that she offers* I'm (bias name)" "ooo nice name. I like it?" bias: "are u saying u don't know who I am??" "hu do we know each other that I'm supposed to know who u are. haha I really dont sry if that offended u" bias: "oh no don't worry bout it" "hey is there anything I can do for u. DON'T hehe don't decline it. I need to do somthing to make it up. I was raised this way and if my mom finds out I didn't to anything I'm going to be in deep trouble. and trust me she will find out one way or another" bias: "well then um ...... *scratches his head* do u mind joining me for dinner?? I'm kinda hungry and don't really want to be comanied by these crazy guys *points to his other group members who are still playing around in there not playing attention to him*" "ya sure y not" walking out of the building she puts her hand behind her showing a peslace sign to her friends who were hiding not far from them. saying 'watch and learn from the pro' and continues to hold on to her biases arm when going out to eat. The end of their first meeting haha