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I am in the Top 20 thanks to all of you, but now that Im there...I dont really care if I win. I feel like this has given me a whole new family. Win or lose, I still have all you amazing Kpop fanatics that relate to and understand me. Whenever I feel alone, I come on here. You guys make me laugh, cry, both at some points in time...I wanted you all to know that I love reading all of your hilarious comments and that I am truely greatful for being able to meet all of you. And though I may not know all of you personally, you guys keep me going!! I love chu! Laters Vingle Family✌✌❤
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Congrats on making the top 20 ^^ I love Vingle for the same reason, it's so great to connect with other people who are just as crazy about K-Pop as I am ^^