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A lot of people keep telling me that I look like a wannabe Korean.... Maybe because I listen to too much Kpop lol But kpop is LIFE!!! lol and maybe because of how I do my makeup??? I don't wanna look like a Korean or Kpopper for a fact. But I do love their music, language and Koreans themselves. *Sigh*
Screw them you're pretty. You're style might look a bit Korean. out it doesn't matter and I hate when people say stuff like that to other people just because you like a certain culture. No worries mama you're gorgeous. Let em hate.
Sorry to jump in here but does it even matter? Like, just my opinion but everyone has a style that they like, right? Just because what you like happens to be "the look" a certain kind of person or nationality or whatever doesn' mean you're a wanna be. You're just you. Be into whatever you wanna be into, look however you wanna look.
no you do not...But I get it...I too hear "are you a wanna be Korean? are you trying to be Korean?" at least you are Asian and if anything you can just say "Im not trying, I AM" but matter what I say I get the hate..Im not trying to be, I just have a specific style..and well..the rest is history...block the haters by ignoring them..that will push them look like your fabulous self and not a wannabe of anything!!
I can see why people would say that but it's just style and everyone has their own way of expressing it. it's a complete generalization because ofc there are Koreans that don't dress "Korean". You're perfect and beautiful the way you are and you look like you so ❤❤ express yourself however
You're beautimous ♡ and if you look like a Korean to some what? Beautiful is is not defined by race.
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