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A lot of people keep telling me that I look like a wannabe Korean.... Maybe because I listen to too much Kpop lol But kpop is LIFE!!! lol and maybe because of how I do my makeup??? I don't wanna look like a Korean or Kpopper for a fact. But I do love their music, language and Koreans themselves. *Sigh*
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you look great... you may just be incorporating some of the styles you have come to love from the Korean culture... there is nothing wrong with that...keep shining
You look stunning my dear! 😘 I heard that from a lot of people and some of them said that I tried so hard like wtf you don't care it's my life 😂
you are so pretty ♥♥♥♥♥
@DaisyVanity Thank you! You are also!
you do look like one but not in a bad way :) I think you have a great look and dont let no petty people tell you diff :D