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The one attribute of KPOP that's different from western boyband is their hair. Whether it be long or short it always looks ridiculously good. So, here's a questions to all of you: which boyband member has the best looking long hair that matches their overall style.
My favorite is Jungshin from CNBLUE but I listed a few that are notable for their past/current long hair.

Jungshin (CNBLUE)

The bass guitar and vocal from boyband CN Blue. Actually all of the member had a history with long hair but his hair is different and longer than the rest. He's got the boy next door look when he's off stage and edgy look when it's on stage.

Leo (VIXX)

The main vocalist of the concept idol group VIXX. You can see his glorious long hair in the music video Hyde.

No Min Woo

He's a former drummer of TRAX who transitioned out to be full-time actor. You may have seen him from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Sword and Flower, Full House 2, Midas, and Pasta.

Junghan (Seventeen)

A singer from the 13 member group, seventeen. His hair is probably softer and more luscious than all of us. Seriously.

Chanyeol (EXO)

I'm sure everyone knows who he is!

Jaejoong (JYJ)

During the earlier KPOP days he's known for his long hair that resemble anime characters. His hair is super short and perhaps the shortest he's ever been due Korean military service.
Who's your favorite long hair boyband idol? It doesn't have to be on the list!
@RochelleDiamond OMG yes definitely CNU and Taemin. The list gets longer again. I guess you can throw GD in there too :D LOL
Ren from Nu'est鈾♀櫋
I would say Kim Hyun Joong, but he's not on the list. And non boy group the list is long but you can start with Jang Geun ;D
lmaoo right? when I read the title I thought of him right away @AkiraCondry
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