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This dance was so good! It was the first time I saw this type of dance up close and from the beginning. It is so beautiful to see people embrace their culture and share it with others. I have Latin roots, so i know that embracing ones culture is important, but so is sharing it with the rest of the world. How do you guys share your culture? Or what are some ways that you have embraced other cultures? After this experience, I walked down to the end of the street and there was a more traditional dance. It was Kpop! Yes, I know, how lucky am I? lol. It wasn't an actual kpop group, but there were dancers dancing to kpop music which was fine for me. After that my friends and I went to eat some shaved ice, hence the image above. *I'm still trying to encrypt the dance video into this post.
it is amazingly delicious! @ThaoSamantha I recommend it to everyone :)
@ygvip21 awesome