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I remember listening to this song with my mom before getting in to K-Pop. Listening to EXO sing this beautiful song brought tears to my eyes....I can't explain how amazing it is to hear your favorite groups speaking your home language....omg ㅠㅠ
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@KiKi29 It was which made me fall for them even more!
I loved this ♡ when I heard it, I melted! Their pronunciation was amazing. Not just everyone can do it this well. My cousin (who is also an EXO-L) started liking them because of this
@kimleekwonshin That's awesome!! And it's true...but I feel like Asians find Spanish easier than English haha
@KpopGaby haha. I think so too. I mean it's in formal talk in both languages whereas English is all you and informal. The translation seems to be the same and not change like Spanish to English. Haha. I hope this doesn't sound complicated because I really don't know how to really explain it
@kimleekwonshin I get ya haha. English does have formal ways of speaking but we don't really use it