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A touching inspiring strong powerful video from a girl who has been dealin with ACNE all over her face for quite a long time, she has been posting pics of herself on FB and people has left some discusting comments on her pics so she decided to put on make up and people still leave hateful comments and telling her she is fake and its really heartbreaking however in the end the video leaves a strong message "You are beautiful just as you are don't let anybody tell you are not , not even yourself" credit to the actual owner just sharing with you all I really appreciate this video it really leaves a strong message the world treats us all harshly but we must learn to believe ourselves as we all are beautiful even with all our flaws that we all have.
It's just impossible to please people, so just do you cause nobody's gonna be what you want. Only you can please you (and that person who makes you feel most comfortable).Eg., I have acne and my husband hates when I wear make up... he says it makes me look too perfect!
People are just awful.
Wow this is really sad :(
ughhhhh this makes me so upset!!! everyone thinks that they can say whatever they want on social media when in real like they would never say that to her face. Plus she is beautiful both with and without makeup! I hate how many people can be so negative and bully someone ughhhhhh!
@TerrecaRiley yes I completely agree w u : )
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