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“Seo Yi Soo, Live With Me”
On this episode Do Jin asked Yi Soo to accompany him on his business trip to Chuncheon. As Yi Soo watched Do Jin immersed in his work, she fell more in love but also complained, "You brought me when you're working." Do Jin replied, "Then let's go for a vacation." The two headed towards the hotel restaurant as Do Jin suggested, "Let's be considerate to the person who built this hotel and go up to a room." Yi Soo rejected, "Not today." Yi Soo, who drove all the way to Seoul for Do Jin, watched him sleeping with a lovely gaze before entering her house. Do Jin opened the window with his eyes closed, as Yi Soo asked, "Why are you pretending to sleep?" Do Jin proposed, "Seo Yi Soo, live with me. You'll be happy, I promise."
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